Heidi- you are the absolute best! You took EVERY aspect of our lives (including my 1st time mom jitters) into account when creating a sleep training plan that was gentle for our family and worked like a charm! Little Vivi is now going down so easy and soundly sleeping for naps and thru the night - it is a whole new world around here! Thank you for being so wonderful to our baby girl - she loves you - and for being supportive and encouraging to this nervous 1st time momma!
— Alison H. Concord, CA
Heidi is amazing! My baby girl was having really bad eczema and nothing would soothe her. She was so uncomfortable and in pain she would fight naps and sleeping. Most of my day was spent trying to soothe her and make her comfortable. Heidi came to my rescue! As soon as she held my little girl, she was instantly calm and finally got some rest. She taught me techniques and tips on how to get her to sleep and put her on a schedule. With some eczema treatment and Heidi’s special touch, my baby girl is on a routine and sleeping like a champ! I wouldn’t have survived the first few months without her!
— Tanya H. Kenmore, Washington