Cocoon by UpChoose

Cocoon is a company that offers curated  sets of baby clothes delivered to your door. Think Stitch Fix or Birchbox  but with all the basics for your baby. It’s pretty genius!

You pick each set according to season and age. Currently you can be added to the wait list for “warm weather” or “cold weather” sets that range from 0-3, 3-6, 6-9 and 9-12 months. You can also choose between “classic” or “playful” sets that are both unisex. The classic is more neutral colors with solids and stripes while the playful is brighter with polka dots and more designs. Some of the brands included in my set were new to me. It was a great way to discover companies such as Kate Quinn, Penguin Organics, Under the Nile and Colored Organics.


What’s Included in each set is:

5 long-sleeved  bodysuits

5 short-sleeved bodysuits

8 footed one-pieces

2 rompers

3 footed pants

2 hats

5 bandana bibs

10 burp cloths

10 washcloths

2 hooded bath towels

2 swaddle blankets

2 bedtime toys (yours to keep)

1 Cocoon storage bag

1 baby friendly laundry detergent

Access to Cocoon App



Cocoon is delivered in a wardrobe/luggage type bag for convenient storage. I see the potential for this to come in handy for someone living in a tight space like an apartment in the city with limited storage. The bag of clothes can hang over the back of a door or in the closet. You can easily reach in for an outfit or burp cloth on the go. This storage bag wasn't very practical for me since I live in the suburbs and am fortunate enough to have the space for a nursery for my son with plenty of closet and dresser storage. It’s a cute idea though.


After you’re little one has outgrown their set of clothes, Cocoon connects you with the next family ready to purchase your bag. You make money back while they get a slightly discounted used set. My son outgrows some of his outfits before I can even try them on him. I love that I can simply resell the clothes and not feel like I am being wasteful—like I do with so many other baby products that are rarely or never used.


All the clothes are certified organic and ethically sourced. The fabrics are gender neutral and ridiculously soft to the touch and beautiful to look at! I loved dressing my baby in the outfits and enjoyed the high quality of each piece. My son is especially sensitive to fabrics (he has extremely dry skin and eczema.) He gets very fussy when I put him in clothes that aren’t soft enough. I never had to worry about this with any of the clothes or towels from Cocoon. He was a very happy baby while he modeled for me. He fell right to sleep when I wrapped him up in the swaddle. I had a hard time returning this particular piece because it became his favorite!

Cocoon’s mission is to educate and provide sustainable products. What better way than to start at the beginning of life! Making the transition to consuming and wasting less couldn’t be easier than starting with baby products.

Baby clothing can also be expensive, especially when you are purchasing organic. Cocoon makes this process of shopping for your baby easy and more affordable. If I were to have purchased every piece from this bag, I would have spent hundreds more and never made any of it back.



Prices range from $550-$590 with $240 cash back after you resell your items.

* Products care of Cocoon by UpChoose, opinions are my own *