Sleepy Bub — Baby Swaddles

It’s a given that you have to buy, borrow and search for great baby gear. Lots of products last a long time so you feel like you are getting your moneys worth. But 9 our of 10 times I’d say my baby outgrows something before I feel like I got my moneys worth and baby gear isn’t cheap!!!

Sleepy Bubs created a marvel idea for a product that can GROW with baby! These Swaddles are the only kind that have zip-down arms with stretchy, soft and breathable fabrics to hold baby’s arms safely in place All. Night. Long. The zip-down arms allow for baby to be swaddled fully with both arms, transition to one arm out and finally both arms free. Why didn't I think of this genius idea?!

My son is transitioning out of the swaddle but I’ve found he only likes his dominant arm out right now. It’s been a challenge to find a product I felt confident  using to keep him comfortable and most importantly, SAFE. Now that we have Sleepy Bub Swaddles, I feel good about putting my son to sleep with one arm swaddled and one arm out. He is sleeping better and so am I!

I love the cuff fold mittens so I can tuck my sons hands in to avoid scratching. At night I use this to keep his little hands warm. 

Swaddles are $59.99 and ship from Australia. They should be sold via Amazon by the end of the year!

Rompers also available for $49.99.

Elly Lu Organics

Like many products I find, I fell in love with these colorful and adorable toys scrolling through Instagram. If you know me, you know I love everything OCEAN and Mermaids! My sons room is a beach theme and if he had been a girl, there would have most definitely been a ridiculous amount of mermaids decorating the nursery. So when I saw the mermaids, narwhals and sea turtles I was instantly smitten! And did I mention the unicorn toy?! Who doesn't love a cute unicorn?

I love that these 100% organically sourced toys were created to be safe for babies of all ages with no detail left out. They used embroidery and print on fabric to embellish parts like the eyes and nose. All dyes are non-toxic and environmentally friendly. 

As an aunt to a 5 & 10 year old, I am constantly finding small toy pieces around the house from their toys. Giving my son and nieces Elly Lu toys to play with gives me peace of mind that they are playing with a toy that is made specifically for their safety. I don't have to worry about plastic eyes popping off or what kind of toxic plastics they are chewing on. 

Organic doesn't mean scratchy and dull fabrics. In fact, these toys show that organic can be the softest of fabrics, brightest of colors and a toy that my 5 month old was instantly drawn to! 

Elly Lou also believes in giving back. With each item sold, they donate $1 to a nonprofit. Each toy has a different charity associated to it. Some go to animal rescues and sea life centers such as Alaska Sea Life Center in Seward, Alaska or the Ke Kai Ola Hawaiian Monk Seal hospital in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. They also donate to the Poor Children Fund that focuses on providing free education, school supplies, and school uniforms to rural areas in northern India. 

While giving your child an adorable and safe toy to play with, you can also teach them about saving our environment and helping children in need! These toys are definitely a product and company I stand by and will continue to support. These magical lovies are going to be part of my “go-to” baby shower and birthday gifts so I can share them with everyone around me.

Elly Lu Organics was nice enough to off me and my followers 15% OFF% with code "HEIDI" (make sure you use all caps.)

*Please note, toys were not left in the crib with baby unattended, just for photo purposes*

Lollipop - Smart Baby Monitor

When it came to the nursery, clothing, baby gear, even our sons name, I picked it! I just filled my husband in along the way and made him like what I liked. I researched and picked the flashiest and best quality pieces. I guess you could say I am a bit of a baby gear snob.



When it was time to shop for a baby monitor I didn't think we needed one but my husband did. So, I passed this ONE job along to him. He was thrilled — until I sent back every monitor he purchased for one reason or another. The quality was poor at night, too expensive or too cheap, the monitor took too long to load or the actual camera in the nursery was big and bulky and took away from my cute design I had worked so hard at. We had both given up on a monitor all together. 


Then, I found the Lollipop Smart Baby Monitor. Game Changer! I squealed when I opened the box and saw the adorable turquoise camera. I quickly downloaded the app and set the camera up. I had it all done in minutes while I was breastfeeding.

FullSizeRender 5.jpg


The app is very user friendly. The best part about the app is that my husband can login while he is at work and see our baby. I’m also headed back to work in a few weeks and feel relieved knowing I can pop open the app and see my little one too. Additional “viewers” can either login under my account or I can send them an invitation email and they can create an account. Some people worry about their baby monitors being connected to wifi because others can hack in and view their baby. The Lollipop app shows you when anyone else is viewing your baby live. This technology is amazing to me because I can see if Dad, Grandma or anyone else is viewing the baby. This extra security is wonderful to have and I think will ease a lot of parents worries when it comes to hacking into their wifi baby monitor.


The monitor easily adjusts to view most of the nursery and can zoom in for a closer look at baby. It’s a wonderful feature! The quality is so great that I can see my babies chest rising up and down with each breath or sucking away on his pacifier. 


I can set the app to alert me when baby is crying with push notifications. This can also be adjusted to hear every squeak baby makes or only alert once there is crying. I can view live video from my iPhone or set to “night mode” and only play sound. There are just so many options! 


The great thing about Lollipop is you can attach it easily to anything! The bendable arm allows you to set it on a shelf, wrap it around the crib and right now I have mine attached on the bassinet. It’s simple to move from room to room. You simply plug it in, adjust it for the view you want and secure the wires and you’re done! Lollipop also comes with an adorable wall mount for once baby is staying put in the crib.


Now let’s talk about the picture quality. Amazing, AMAZING, AAMMAZZIINNGG!!! Not only is the  quality picture perfect during the day when there is plenty of light, but I can see everything at night too when our room is completely black. I find myself taking screen shots all the time of my little one sleeping or cooing in his bassinet. 



Other features includes two way microphone, music, picture of the day, data history and if you purchase the addition sensor you have access to temperature, air quality, bluetooth and more. 


Lollipop comes in pistachio and cotton candy and turquoise (as shown.) This is hands down the best and most adorable baby monitor on the market!


Lollipop Smart Monitor $149

Lollipop Sensor $55


*Products care of Lollipop, opinions are my own*