Newton Crib Mattress

Sleep safety is at the absolute top of my list as a Sleep Consultant and new Mama. Once you bring baby home from the hospital, they eat, poop and SLEEP! Investing in the safest mattress I could find was a must. 

When I came across the Newton Crib Mattress I was immediately sold. I love that it is completely breathable, washable, hypo-allergenic and made of non toxic food safe materials. 

My husband tested the breathability of the mattress right away. He put his face down on the mattress and was able to breathe 100% normally through the mattress. AMAZING!


Although my baby is only a few weeks old and only taking naps in his crib right now, I LOVE knowing that he is sleeping safely. 

The design of the crib cover is adorable. I like the idea that this mattress doesn’t “need” a crib sheet although I’d love to have more options for recommended, breathable sheets for this mattress. As of now there are only a few Aden and Anais that are cute but don’t go with my theme at all. 

The crib is $295 at I purchased my crib mattress at Buy Buy Baby and was able to use the Bed Bath and Beyond 20% off coupon!


Mamas on the Move: Finding Balance in Pregnancy

Living a healthy life isn't just the foods I choose to put into my body but the adventures I live. My days revolve around being outdoors. I am so fortunate to live in the beautiful Bay Area where I have adventures waiting in any direction I choose--the beach, snowy mountains, hiking trails and lakes. Being active is easy when I live in such a beautiful place that just calls me to explore.

As a Newborn Care Specialist and Postpartum Doula it is my responsibility to educate sleepless parents on the fundamentals of sleep, support new parents with infant care, emotional and physical recovery, as well as bonding and soothing techniques. Oftentimes, I work with parents who are stressed and overwhelmed. In today’s hectic world, one of my recommendations for staying calm is to go outside - the grounding effects of being in nature is one of the best ways to stay healthy and positive.

Being out in nature became my medicine throughout my pregnancy. However, it wasn’t an easy process. I struggled with unexplained infertility for years before getting pregnant. I saw several fertility specialists and went outside my network for second and third opinions. I changed my diet, added extra vitamins, workouts, “fertility” smoothies, acupuncture and meditation to my life. I finally felt like I had found a routine that was working for me. 

Then I stared IVF. I was ordered by my doctors not to exercise for weeks and months at a time. My body was so confused and crazed from all the fertility drugs pumping through my blood and the emotions that came with them. I lost a sense of control over myself and wasn’t sure how to regain that feeling of being in tune with my emotions. IVF hijacks your life. My day no longer revolved around my perfectly planned healthy meals, exercise and work. My life orbited around blood draws, doctors’ appointments, medications, daily shots, and uncomfortable procedures.  

When I finally got pregnant and was cleared to begin exercising again around 6-8 weeks, I was terrified. I felt so out of shape from the past year of hormone shots, lack of exercise and weight gain. I was nervous that anything strenuous would cause me to miscarry. I experienced morning sickness and could hardly keep saltines and water down. I lost 8lbs in my first trimester and thought to myself, “How could I possibly find a way to exercise when walking down the hall to the bathroom or a simple trip to the grocery store was leaving me short of breath and ready to climb back into bed?”

I started feeling better at the start of my second trimester. I was throwing up less, had more energy, and for the first time in months, was eating because I was hungry, not out of necessity to give nourishment to my growing baby. 

I started taking my dog for evening walks after work and spending more time outside. I realized that this “grounding” feeling of being outdoors was the thing I needed most to feel like myself again. Even in the rainy and cold months of winter, I enjoyed the sweet smells of the wet grass and my bundled up strolls beside my husband. When I stayed home binge watching Netflix on the couch, my morning sickness and unsettled feelings returned. If I went outside, those feelings went away almost instantly. 

During my journey, I have learned just how unique each woman and her pregnancy is. Some women can continue going to CrossFit, some are ordered on bed rest. I had to give myself permission to listen to my body and allow this time to slow down and not feel guilty that I wasn't doing more. 

Now that I am further along in my pregnancy I am slowly getting back into a new modified exercise routine. I am still taking it slow, allowing myself the indulgence of breaks and modifications. With summer quickly approaching, I spend as much time outside as I can, enjoying each day and listening to what my body is telling me. After all, I am growing a human inside me.



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This article was written by Heidi Lovens, Certified Happiest Baby on the Block Educator (CHBE), Postpartum Doula, Newborn Care Specialist and Certified Placenta Specialist based in the San Francisco Bay Area. She specializes in educating sleepless parents on the fundamentals and importance of sleep, supporting new parents with infant care, emotional and physical recovery, bonding and soothing techniques.

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IVF Strong

IVF Strong

I thought long and hard before posting my pregnancy announcement on social media. Not because I wasn’t prepared to shout my happy news from the rooftops, but because I knew how much it hurt me to see announcement after announcement while I struggled with unexplained infertility. Emotions peaked from drugs pumping through my body only made my sadness more real. Glowing woman with round bumps at the grocery store would send me into tears. 

I took so many shots over the past two years, I lost count. Shots in my belly and painful shots in my butt. Shots from my husband, mom, neighbors, friends, anyone willing to poke me and slowly plunge the syringe full of hormones into my bruised and swollen skin. Birthday dinners, Christmas parties, bent over the arm rest of the car, bathroom stalls, weekend getaways to forget we were struggling...I took these shots anywhere and everywhere, because I HAD TO. 

Infertility is a curse, a sadness deep in your soul so painful it hurts to breathe sometimes. I felt weak, I felt worthless, I felt like a burden, to my sweet husband, incredible doctors and caring family members asking when we were going to have a baby already. 

When I share with the world my joy and happiness that I FINALLY get to become a Mama, what I have dreamed and wished for since I was a little girl playing on the farm, dressing my baby goats up as babies and feeding them from bottles, I also feel pain. Pain for my friends, family, woman I have never met who are struggling with infertility. I understand the pain you may feel as my belly grows and your doesn’t, or only does from painful medicines and procedures with no happy results to show for it. I was there! Know that I am your ally, I am your friend, I am your biggest supporter cheering you on. I have faith that this process will work for you too. 

Together we are IVF STRONG! 

My needles from IVF!

My needles from IVF!