Skip Hop Activity Center

If you've read some of my reviews you might notice a theme… I sometimes (usually)  buy several  different versions of baby gear to try out and see which is the best. Nothing new here when it came to an activity center for my son. 

I purchased and returned 3 before I found the Skip Hop. It was a little pricer than others but those cheap ones had failed me so it was worth a shot. Since the moment I opened the package I was thrilled I had spent the money for the Skip Hop. My son loves spending time in his seat, twisting in circles and playing with all the spinning and moving toys. I think he also enjoys being upright on his own and not down on the ground or in my arms. 

The parts and directions were easy to follow. I nearly returned one activity center after 45 minutes trying to put it together and a part was labeled wrong! 

The toys all snap in on to the side but can be easily adjusted to move around the table. I like that this table has minimal noise from toys too. The piano is the only music but it can be adjusted or turned off. The piano can also be taken off and moved to a spot on the bottom where baby stands. This way they can play the music with their feet and watch the lights through the plastic “window.” Cause and effect!

I love the low profile and modern look of this activity center. It fits in nicely in our living room and isn’t a terrible eye sore like so many kids toys. It’s lightweight enough  (15lbs) to move from room to room and just yesterday I brought it outside for my son to play while I pulled weeds in the garden.

My son is 7 months so I’ve only had to adjust the height once or twice but it was very simple. You just move the green clips into place on each leg and you're done. Once baby is big enough to stand on their own or with little assistance, the foot stand can replace the seat so baby can walk around and play with the toys on the table top. Then, the toys ca be taken off and the activity center fully transitions into a toddle table! It’s a great kids product that grows with them rather than being outgrown. 

I purchased ours  for $119 from Amazon. It’s also available at Toys R Us and Best Buy. 

Mac & Mia


Mac and Mia popped up as a sponsored ad on Instagram and I clicked the link to check it out.  After filling out about 1/2 of the form, I got side tracked (mom brain + 7month old) and never finished my profile. 

A few days later I got a sweet text from my stylist (Laura) asking if she could answer any of my questions and talking about some key points from what I had actually filled out. I had written that my son has super sensitive skin and I like more neutral clothing. She responded saying she had lots of organic, Boho options for me. I LOVE that she actually took the time to read my profile and pay attention to what I was looking for. I’ve tried similar curated clothing boxes for myself but never liked the options that were sent to me. I never felt like they were sending me clothes actually picked for me. 

After reading Laura’s online profile and seeing that she’s a mom to a toddler who has adorable style, I finished filling out my profile so I could get my sons box of clothes shipped out the next day. 

I received the box and within a few hours I had a text from Laura asking how I liked everything. I was just starting our fashion show and trying on all the goods so I snapped some photos for her and we chatted back and fourth for about an hour! 


Laura, (who I now think is my new bff) responded quickly to size availability and talked about the styles that I loved! It really was a personal shopping experience. I just went online to fill out my “official” return/exchange/feedback page so that she gets a better idea of what worked and didn't so that each box we receive gets more customized. 

Now, lets talk clothing, quality and pricing. The clothes are adorable! I asked for a neutral, organic, boho, casual with an occasional POP of color.  Wow, did Laura deliver! From the Petite Lim whale romper to the Sol Angeles “Living the Dream” sweatshirt, she nailed the style I was looking for. Each item was softer and cuter than the next. The Rylee and Crew “Circus Pants” were the pop of color I asked for but not over the top. These pants are something I would never pick out in the store but are actually my favorite piece from the box. 


My husband thought the green pants looked like scrubs, which I hadn't thought before he said it but now thats all I can think when I put them on my son. They went in and out of the return pile but I eventually kept them because the fabric was just too soft to pass up. 

I feel good dressing my son in these organic clothes and knowing it wont be uncomfortable against his skin or cause an eczema flair up. 

The stylist fee is $20 which is credited to your order if you keep at least 2 items. You also receive 15% off if you end up keeping your entire box. My personalized box was $200 for 9 items. Because each box is so unique, no two are the same. This also means the prices vary. You can set your cost preferences along with everything else so you're not ordering $100 baby yoga pants.

Rylee & Cru - Tent Pants $39

No Biggie - Illustration Short Sleeve $25

Art & Aden - Wyatt Skateboard Henley $31

SolAngeles - The Dream Pullover $52

Copper Pearl - Bandana Bib Set $12

North of West - Harem pants $30

Petit Lem - Whale romper $29

Miles Baby - Blue Airplane Bodysuit $16

Mayoral - Skyway Shorts $26

If you use my code, we each get $20 credit at Mac&Mia. You also automatically get Laura as your stylist!

Sleepy Bub — Baby Swaddles

It’s a given that you have to buy, borrow and search for great baby gear. Lots of products last a long time so you feel like you are getting your moneys worth. But 9 our of 10 times I’d say my baby outgrows something before I feel like I got my moneys worth and baby gear isn’t cheap!!!

Sleepy Bubs created a marvel idea for a product that can GROW with baby! These Swaddles are the only kind that have zip-down arms with stretchy, soft and breathable fabrics to hold baby’s arms safely in place All. Night. Long. The zip-down arms allow for baby to be swaddled fully with both arms, transition to one arm out and finally both arms free. Why didn't I think of this genius idea?!

My son is transitioning out of the swaddle but I’ve found he only likes his dominant arm out right now. It’s been a challenge to find a product I felt confident  using to keep him comfortable and most importantly, SAFE. Now that we have Sleepy Bub Swaddles, I feel good about putting my son to sleep with one arm swaddled and one arm out. He is sleeping better and so am I!

I love the cuff fold mittens so I can tuck my sons hands in to avoid scratching. At night I use this to keep his little hands warm. 

Swaddles are $59.99 and ship from Australia. They should be sold via Amazon by the end of the year!

Rompers also available for $49.99.